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Seen At 11: Thrill-Seekers Hop On 'Extreme Kidnapping' TrendHave recent real-life kidnappings inspired a bizarre fascination with the very serious crime?
Seen At 11: The Deadly Dangers Behind Keyless Car TechnologyKeyless ignitions are convenient and easy -- but does this new technology come with deadly consequences?
Seen At 11: Furry Friends Live Out Their Golden Years In Style At Animal Retirement CentersMost everyone wants to live out their golden years in style and comfort, but that hasn't always been possible for aging pets.
Seen At 11: The Sound Effect, An Ancient Therapy Is Making A Big ComebackA new trend has people immersing themselves in sound to calm the body and quiet the mind.
Seen At 11: Experts Advise Caution Amid Skyrocketing Event Ticket SurchargesThere are surcharges for everything from processing to printing event tickets – or even fees with no explanation at all.
Seen At 11: What’s In Your Wine? It May Be More Than You ThinkStudies have shown that moderate amounts of red wine can be good for you.
Seen At 11: Is Snacking On The Job Making You Fat?Is the effort to boost camaraderie and office morale with food sabotaging your diet?
Seen At 11: Simple Ways To Help Promote Positive ThinkingImproving your outlook on life may be easier than you think -- it's the power of positive thinking, and new technology you can use at home can actually train your brain to be happy.
Seen At 11: Move Over Kale -- Animal Fat Takes Over As Newest Food TrendLard and schmaltz are being smeared on bread, plopped on pizza, ladled on mash potatoes -- and experts say this "animal fat craze" may even be healthier for us.
Seen At 11: Is Buying Used Makeup Safe, Or Unsanitary?Some unlikely products -- like cosmetics -- are finding their way into the retail market in used form.
Seen At 11: Breaking Up? There's An App For ThatThe Break Up Shop offers to end your relationship for you -- by sending a personalized break-up message to your soon-to-be ex on your behalf.
Seen At 11: Can Relying On Technology Cause 'Digital Amnesia?'Experts say using your smart phone as an extension of your brain to store things like birth dates and passwords is leading to what's known as "digital amnesia."

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