Kristine Johnson

Jen Glantz (center) works as a bridesmaid for hire. (Credit: CBS2)

Seen At 11: Wedding Parties Bring In Bridesmaids, Other Assistance For Hire

Families are going to extreme lengths to make sure their big day comes off without a hitch.


(Credit: Thinkstock)

Seen At 11: New Report Says Red Eyes At Pool Caused By Urine, Not Chlorine

Even if you ever noticed a strong smell of chlorine at your local pool, that’s not actually a sign the pool is extra clean.



Seen At 11: Drink Your Way To Looking And Feeling Younger

The latest beauty trend doesn’t involve lasers or injections or anything that you put on your skin.


Women are taught to use their high heels as a self-defense weapon. (Credit: CBS2)

Seen At 11: High Heels Being Used As Weapons In New Self-Defense Course

It turns out that high heels aren’t just high fashion anymore.


Ridgewood July 4th parade seating

Ridgewood Residents Stake Their Claim Along July 4th Parade Route

Some said people started putting chairs out two weeks ago in an effort to reserve their spot along the parade route.


Apps are changing how consumers leave tips. (Credit: CBS2)

Seen At 11: Apps Are Changing How Consumers Tip

From coffee shops to food trucks, places are now asking for tips in new ways — like apps.


Neda Shilian undergoes a cosmetic procedure called cool sculpting to reduce arm flab. (Credit: CBS2)

Seen At 11: Women Turn To Extreme Measures To Become Armed And Fabulous

Summer is the season for bare arms, but for some women no amount of exercise will help them get those coveted arms, so they are turning to extremes to become armed and fab.


Some couples are taking to extreme weddings that involve more activity than just a ceremony. (Credit: CBS2)

Seen At 11: Some Couples Forgo Traditional Nuptials For Extreme Weddings

For some brides and grooms a conventional walk down the aisle is just not enough.


Bioelectronics involve the use of a microchip rather than medication to cure diseases. (Credit: CBS2)

Seen At 11: Could A Microchip Replace Prescription Medications?

CBS2 has learned that prescription medications as we know them may soon be a thing in the past.


Paul Tabachneck suffers from misophonia -- a condition defined by an intolerance for sound. He has an intense reaction to sounds such as the flicking of a lighter. (Credit: CBS2)

Seen At 11: How Misophonia Sufferers Cope With Everyday Sounds

Sufferers experience extreme emotional reactions and even feel physical pain from certain every day sounds.


Marc Kabat, 68, credits a voice lift with the quality of his voice. (Credit: CBS2)

Seen At 11: In Hopes Of Sounding Younger, Some Seek Out ‘Voice Lifts’

Not everyone has a voice that lasts through the decades. For many people, the way they sound can give away their age.


Experts say social media use can lead to a fear of missing out. (Credit: CBS2)

Seen At 11: Can Social Media Be A Source Of Digital Anxiety?

For many, it’s a fear of missing out or “FOMO” and it’s causing digital anxiety.


Kristine Johnson tries out a CVAC pod for feeling better and better health. (Credit: CBS2)

Seen At 11: Sitting Around For Better Health?

A new technology offers users a chance to feel better, by simply sitting inside of a pod.


Some people are putting down tens of thousands of dollars pampering their pets. (Credit: CBS2)

Seen At 11: New Yorkers Spend Lavishly To Pamper Their Pooches

Custom-designed clothing, meals prepared by a personal chef, and a trove of priceless jewels; sounds like the good life, huh?


The illuMask is used to get a younger face. (Credit: CBS2)

Seen At 11: New Low Cost Treatments Vow To Improve Your Skin Tone

Doctors have been using light therapy to help build collagen and renew skin cells. This version is worn for 15 minutes a day at home.