Kristine Johnson

Seen At 11: Hunt For Smoother Complexion Has Women ‘Shaving Face’The hottest trend in beauty is really as old as the hills, but it's something that's rarely talked about.
WATCH: 30,000 Participate In Tunnel To Towers Race To Honor 9/11 First Responders, Military VeteransThe 5K run and walk honors 9/11 first responders and military veterans. It began at the IKEA in Red Hook, goes through the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel and ends at the World Trade Center.
Seen At 11: Kava May Be Relaxing, But Experts Say There Are RisksAn exotic drink promises the ultimate in mind and body relaxation, and it has even been called an alcohol substitute that won’t give you a hangover.
Seen At 11: Doctor Literally Feels His Patients' Pain Through SynesthesiaSome people actually feel the pain and discomfort of others. It is a connection rooted in a rare medical condition.
Seen At 11: New Age Networking Takes Employees Outside Of Their Comfort ZonesThe latest trend in business is not about logging long office hours or sitting in a stuffy conference room.
Seen At 11: For Radiant Skin Some Turn To Ugly Beauty ProductsFish scales, sheep fat, and bird poop aren't exactly what you might expect to find in your favorite beauty products.
Stephen Colbert Looks Back On Advice He Received From David Letterman“The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” premieres on Tuesday, Sept. 8. But Colbert made sure he consulted his predecessor, David Letterman, for some advice first.
As Host Of ‘The Late Show,’ Stephen Colbert Will Finally Get A Chance To Be HimselfFor close to a decade Colbert was best known for playing a faux pundit on Comedy Central's 'Colbert Report.'
Seen At 11: Wedding Parties Bring In Bridesmaids, Other Assistance For HireFamilies are going to extreme lengths to make sure their big day comes off without a hitch.
Seen At 11: New Report Says Red Eyes At Pool Caused By Urine, Not ChlorineEven if you ever noticed a strong smell of chlorine at your local pool, that's not actually a sign the pool is extra clean.
Seen At 11: Drink Your Way To Looking And Feeling YoungerThe latest beauty trend doesn't involve lasers or injections or anything that you put on your skin.
Seen At 11: High Heels Being Used As Weapons In New Self-Defense CourseIt turns out that high heels aren't just high fashion anymore.