Seen At 11: Companies Haggling To Get Consumers Discounts On Monthly BillsCompanies are offering their services to consumers to get significant discounts on their monthly utility bills.
Seen At 11: Getting Fit Through Anti-Gravity Yoga And 'Cocooning'The cocooning payoff actually comes at the end of an anti-gravity yoga class at Crunch Fitness. It's a series of yoga moves that uses the hammock as a support for someone's own body weight, letting that person completely surrender into each pose.
Seen At 11: New Mask Could Make Users Masters Of Their DreamsAs you get ready to go to sleep tonight, think about what you want to dream about. With new technology it just might be possible to dream that dream.
WATCH: Kristine Johnson Reveals She Was Never Asked To PromCBS2 anchor Kristine Johnson revealed during the 11 p.m. newscast that she wasn’t asked to prom.
Seen At 11: The Secret Site Where Gwyneth Paltrow And Ivanka Trump Store Wardrobe Must-HavesFrom fancy cars to priceless art, even the rich and famous sometimes need a place to put their stuff.
Seen At 11: Could Acid Micro-Doses Help Improve Focus And Creativity?Techies, entrepreneurs, and artists are among the users who take about a tenth of the normal dose, not to hallucinate, but to give them an edge and make them more creative and productive.
Seen At 11: DNA Test Measures Couple CompatibilityWhen it comes to relationships, there's no perfect formula to tell if that certain someone is Mr. or Ms. Right, until now.
Study: 'Toxic Friendships' Can Lead To Serious Health ProblemsFriendships are supposed to give you a warm and fuzzy feeling, but it turns out, instead of making you feel good some friends can literally make you sick.
Seen At 11: Soup Cleanses Are Sweeping The CityThere's a new cleanse that promises more balance, better flavors, and a satisfied feeling. It all surrounds soup, and the cleanse is sweeping the city.
Seen At 11: Could Probiotics Be The Key To Healthy, Clear Skin?Could the key to getting rid of unsightly skin conditions be a remedy for indigestion?
Seen At 11: Men Get Their 'Brotox' Party On In Hopes Of Going Wrinkle-FreeMore and more men are opting for the cosmetic procedure, and making it "brotox" party.
‘Angry Splash Mountain Lady’ Disney World Picture Turns Syracuse Mom Into Viral SensationAn unhappy face at the happiest place on earth had social media buzzing.

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