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Seen At 11: A Look Inside The New ‘Smart Home’

It’s no secret that many people are attached to their smartphones to the point that they almost can’t live without them. Now, technology has enabled smartphones to direct the way that people live.


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Seen At 11: Don’t Fall Victim To The One-Ring Scam

People from all over the world are talking about it online, and in the U.S. the Better Business Bureau has issued a warning; don’t call back, or else.


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Seen At 11: Pint-Sized Rentals Save Parents Big Bucks

New companies are offering parents the chance to rent high-end clothing at a fraction of the cost to buy.


Some people are negatively affected by Daylight Saving Time (Credit: CBS 2)

Seen At 11: Daylight Saving Time Can Be A Danger To Your Health

Daylight Saving Time may have serious health implications for some, making it a difficult, even potentially dangerous change.


Exercisers take part in cardiovascular training at a New York City gym. (Credit CBS 2)

Seen At 11: Losing Weight And Overcoming ‘The Workout Woe’

Many people have been told that the more they exercise the more weight they will lose. But, new research has shown that the equation may not work for everyone.


If you had knee or hip replacement, would you want the parts to be under warranty? There is a consumer group out there fighting for just that. (Photo: CBS 2)

Seen At 11: Body Part Warranties, The Wave Of The Future?

Just about everything you buy comes with a warranty, including appliances and electronics. But what about the things you buy for your body like a hip or knee replacement?


FILE - The label on a box of Hostess Brownie Bites. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

New Nutrition Labels Would Highlight Calories And Sugar

Those “Nutrition Facts” labels that are plastered on nearly every food package found in grocery stores are getting a new look.


FILE -- "Elementary" star Jonny Lee Miller. (credit: Getty Images)

‘Elementary’ Star Jonny Lee Miller Works To Solve Sanfilippo Syndrome

Since learning that a crew member’s son was diagnosed with the rare fatal disease Sanfilippo Syndrome, Holmes has become an advocate to find a treatment and a cure, CBS 2’s Kristine Johnson reported.


Subway Brushes With Death

Seen At 11: Straphangers Learn To Move On After Brushes With Death

When a straphanger has a brush with death it can be terrifying and life-changing not only for the victim, but also everyone around.


Trigeminal neuralgia is a dysfunction of the main nerve that gives the face sensation. (Credit: CBS 2)

Seen At 11: New Treatment Provides Relief From Horribly Painful ‘TN’ Disease

Thousands of people every day are suddenly struck with a condition that’s so debilitating, it pushes them to do the unthinkable. But there are new treatment options.


The Google search page appears on a computer screen. (credit: Getty Images)

Seen At 11: Your Doctor Might Be Googling You

It’s a growing new trend: Doctors are turning the tables on patients and checking them out online before they come in for an appointment.


Jens Rasmussen teaches how to make a fire without matches. (credit: CBS 2)

Students Learn Survival Skills In Brooklyn

In a most unlikely environment, underneath the Pulaski Bridge in Greenpoint, students are learning skills that can save their lives.


More retailers are starting to take notice of frequent online returns, and some are even punishing repeat offenders. (Credit: CBS 2)

Seen At 11: Retailers Punishing Repeat Online Returners

Many retailers are starting to charge fees on all sorts of merchandise to help offset the cost of returns, which is estimated to be nearly $400 billion in losses each year.


Baby Eating

Seen At 11: Strangers Turning To Co-Parenting To Raise A Child

A growing number of people are turning to the web to find total strangers with whom to raise children.


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Seen At 11: Scammers Look To Take Advantage Of Taxpayers By Posing As IRS Agents

Scammers are calling people, posing as IRS agents and claiming they are under investigation, trying to scare them into sending money either by pre-paid debit card or wire transfer.