Dangerous Side Effects Reported From Popular Fitness TrackersInstead of promoting good health, some have led to a fitness fail.
'I Feel Like My Heart Has Stopped Beating:' Kids Open Up About The Frightening New Reality Of Regular Lockdown DrillsAmericans of all ages remember fire drills in school. Most people rarely took them seriously, but kids today have a very different reality.
‘Not Your Typical Spa:’ Old-School Bathhouses Making A ComebackThe centuries-old tradition of bathhouses is back in a big way, as more people are turning to the immersive therapy.
Seen At 11: 'Chemo Bath' Offers New Hope For Cancer PatientsStudies show cancerous cells can't withstand heat, and pouring chemotherapy on top of the tumors can be more effective than delivering it through the bloodstream.
New Jersey Residents Trapped Inside Their Homes Due To Downed Trees, Power LinesWednesday’s nor’easter dumped more than two feet of snow on some areas.
NJ TRANSIT Still Far From Compliance With Train Safety StandardsThe New York area has seen derailment after derailment, yet a potentially life saving device still hasn't been installed on the rails.
California Parents Face Life Sentence If Convicted Of Torturing 13 ChildrenChild endangerment in California carries a maximum sentence of 6 years, but torture is a felony and can lead to a life sentence.
Safety Experts Warn About So-Called 'Tide Pod Challenge' On Social MediaSafety experts are warning about a dangerous social media challenge involving teenagers popping detergent pods into their mouths and then posting the videos online.
'I Have To Forgive:' Wife Of NYPD Detective Nearly Dragged To His Death Speaks OutCBS2's Kristine Johnson sat down with the wife of Detective Dalsh Veve for an in-depth look at what her life is like now, and what questions she holds about the future as her husband fights for his life.
CBS2 Exclusive: Developer Likens Hudson Yards To The Eiffel Tower, Only BetterThe largest and most expensive private real estate development in U.S. history is being built on the west side of Manhattan.
Woman Says Bank Foreclosed On Her Home Despite Making Mortgage PaymentsImagine paying your mortgage on time every month, and your bank takes your home away anyway.
CBS2 Exclusive: Former De Blasio Spokesperson Struggles To Recall Devastating Treadmill AccidentKaren Hinton was going fast enough to be catapulted backwards, slamming her head on the floor with such force that doctors had to put her in a medically induced coma.

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