Boarded-Up Gas Stations Slowly Reopening On Long IslandThe Long Island Gasoline Retailers Association's Kevin Beyer said a company that was running the stations ran into financial problems.
Catsimatidis: Gasoline Tanks At Riverhead Oil Terminal Will Provide Jobs, Other BenefitsA David and Goliath fight of sorts continues to heat up on Long Island – with a small country community pitted against big-city money.
Fueling Up Is Getting Harder As Gas Stations Close Across U.S.More than 100 years after America's first retail gasoline station opened, the National Petroleum News reports that America's 160,000 gas stations are slowly receding from the landscape.
Long Island Drivers Met With Higher Gas Prices As Oil Companies Prepare For SpringPain at the pump comes every February when refineries switch over to summer blends. This year crude oil prices are also up and gas station owners said that their prices have gone up 12 cents in just two weeks.

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