teen beating3

Graphic Video: Teen-On-Teen Beatdown, Apparently Over A Video Game

A teenager has been accused of stealing video games, but then was viciously beaten by one of his own friends. The video is now the subject of an investigation by police and the footage itself is very intense.


Dog walking in NYC

Generous Dogs Give Gift Of Life For Fellow Canines

When blood donors share their “gift of life” with the Red Cross, they get a glass of juice and a cookie after their pint has been drawn, but what do you give Fido after he’s donated his blood?


Terry Dusseault Sr., left, and son Terry Dusseault Jr./State Police

AMBER Alert Canceled for 8-Year-Old NJ Boy

Authorities in New Jersey found a registered sex offender and his 8-year-old son who were the focus of an AMBER Alert.