Manhattan Criminal Court


Witnesses: Bedbugs Seen Jumping Off Man In Manhattan Criminal Court

They check you for guns and drugs when you walk into the courthouse in lower Manhattan, but apparently not for bedbugs.


Beatriz Rios (credit: CBS 2)

Lawyer Offers Explanation For Babysitter’s Disappearance With Manhattan Baby

Beatriz Rios’ lawyer, Angahard Vaughan, said her client was steered into a part of Central Park she was unfamiliar with and spent several hours trying to “find her way out.”


Annabelle Ceria and her babysitter Beatrice Rios. (credit: Handout)

Babysitter Arraigned Day After Vanishing With Manhattan Baby; Many Questions Unanswered

Beatriz Rios, 46, had bail set at $10,000 bond or $5,000 cash at Manhattan Criminal Court. An order of protection was also issued for the child along with her father and mother.


Oscar Fuller in court (credit: CBS 2)

Plot Thickens Following Strange Twist At Manhattan ‘Parking Rage’ Trial

Oscar Fuller left Manhattan Criminal Court on Wednesday in no mood to talk — just as earlier the 31-year-old decided not to talk to the jury, declining to take the stand in his own defense.


Gracie Mansion - New York, NY (file / credit: Mayor's Office)

Bloomberg Downplays Report On Code Violations At City-Owned Buildings

Mayor Michael Bloomberg shrugged off a report that indicates certain city-owned buildings, including Gracie Mansion, are riddled with code violations.


Gavel (credit: CBS 2)

DAs: More Time For Repeat Crimes; Courts Clogged

Prosecutors want state legislation that would automatically turn a certain number of misdemeanor convictions into a felony calling for prison time or court-ordered programs to try and stop the repeating crime cycle.


Nicholas Brooks (Photo/Terry Sheridan), Sylvie Cachay (Getty Images)

Ex-Boyfriend Says Fashion Designer Was ‘Fine’ When Last Seen

The ex-boyfriend accused of trying to kill his girlfriend before her body was found at the upscale SoHo House Hotel will face a judge on Saturday morning.


NOW-NYC Excutive Director Sonia Ossorio leads a protest against the possible plea deal for Tony Simmons. (Photo/CBS 2)

Plea Deal In Manhattan Rape Case Draws Outrage

The uproar comes as juvenile counselor Tony Simmons was expected to get probation, but no jail time at his sentencing in a rape case involving a 15-year-old girl.