Melissa Chapman


A Back-To-School Guide To New York Fashion For Kids

As a parent you may need a few incentives to get your kids a bit more enthused about beginning a new school year and retiring their tank tops for more school appropriate attire. Luckily New York City is ripe with funky boutiques.

CBS New York–08/19/2010


A Guide To Choosing A Private School In NYC For Your Child

By Melissa Chapman As a parent in New York City one of the most daunting tasks you are likely to face is the process of choosing a private school, aka the “Baby Ivies” for your child, […]

CBS New York–08/13/2010 Parenting Blogger Melissa Chapman and her children.

The Myth Of The Supermom: Can A Girl Have It All?

Although every fiber of my being wants to say, “Yes, a girl can have it all,” I know doing so would be a huge disservice to my own daughter. The cold, hard truth is that the ideology of the supermom is, well, just that: an idea.