Mexico Blvd

(credit: Perry R.)

NYC Food Truck Lunch: Flautas & Guacamole From Mexico Blvd.

Perry, the founder of New York Street Food, brings you his latest review on New York City street food. Mexico Blvd was created by a father and son team from Mexico who spent time traveling around Mexico […]


(credit: New York Street Food)

NYC Food Truck Lunch: Bistec Torta From Mexico Blvd

They don’t have a large menu, but what they do (tacos and tortas), they do well. We were in the mood for a sandwich, so we ordered a bistec torta, with extra spicy sauce on the side.


(credit: New York Street Food)

NY Food Truck Lunch: Beer-Marinated Tacos From Mexico Blvd

The Bistec taco was made with chunks of top round beef that were marinated in beer. If you’re a vegetarian, Mexico Blvd also serves a nice guacamole with chili-rubbed chips.


(credit: New York Street Food)

NY Food Truck Lunch: Pastor Torta From Mexico Blvd.

The Mexican sandwich came on a soft Portuguese roll and had chunks of marinated pork, lettuce, tomato, onions, jalapeño spears and slices of pineapple.


Tacos From Mexico Blvd. (credit: New York Street Food)

New Food Truck Serving Mexican Eats Soon To Hit City Streets

They truck was expected to debut in January, but ran into some “unexpected delays.” This is somewhat of a norm for new trucks — there are just too many details to foresee everything.