Michael Enright

Michael Enright

Michael Enright, Who Slashed Cabbie In Anti-Muslim Tirade, Sentenced To Nearly 10 Years In Prison

Enright pleaded guilty to attempted murder and assault as hate crimes for the Aug. 24, 2010 attack against Bangladeshi cab driver Ahmed Sharif.


Ahmed Sharif

Cabbie Ahmed Sharif Moves To Buffalo A Year After Alleged Anti-Muslim Attack

A cabbie whose neck was slashed during an alleged anti-Muslim attack last year says he’s mired in emotional and financial woes.


Michael Enright (AP Photo/Steve Hirsch)

Hate-Crime Case In NYC Hack Slashing Upheld

A judge on Wednesday upheld hate-crime charges against a college student accused of slashing a taxi driver’s neck in an anti-Muslim attack that amplified concerns about tolerance shortly before the anniversary of the Sept. 11 terror attacks.


Michael Enright (AP Photo/Steve Hirsch)

Suspect In Muslim Cabbie Stabbing Out On Bond

College student Michael Enright, charged with a hate-fueled attack on a Muslim taxi driver in August, was freed on bail Tuesday.


Michael Enright (AP Photo/Steve Hirsch)

Cabbie Slashing Suspect Pleads Not Guilty

Prosecutors say a college student declared himself “a patriot” after being arrested on charges of slashing a New York taxi driver’s neck because of anti-Muslim bias.


Michael Enright (AP Photo/Steve Hirsch)

No Bail Yet For Student Accused Of Slashing Cabbie

A defense lawyer says a student accused of cutting a Muslim taxi driver’s neck in Manhattan has post-traumatic stress disorder and chronic alcoholism.


Michael Enright (AP Photo/Steve Hirsch)

Man Accused Of Attacking NYC Cabbie Indicted

Sources tell CBS 2 and 1010 WINS that Michael Enright was charged with attempted murder in the second degree, as a hate crime.


Michael Enright (AP Photo/Steve Hirsch)

Back To Court For Cabbie Attack Suspect

Michael Enright, 21, faced attempted murder charges in the attack.


Michael Enright (AP Photo/Steve Hirsch)

Cabbie-Slash Suspect In Bellevue Psych Ward

The college student accused of slashing a taxi driver because he’s a Muslim has been taken to a New York City psychiatric ward.


Bloomberg (L), Sharif (R)  (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

Bloomberg Meets With Cabbie At City Hall

A NYC taxi driver attacked in an alleged hate crime met privately with Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and fellow cabbies and members of the Muslim community were there to show their support.