New Hampshire Primary

GOP Candidates Making Final Push Ahead Of New Hampshire PrimaryMonday marked the last full day of campaigning in New Hampshire. Mitt Romney is still ahead in the polls, but the other Republican presidential candidates were not ready to concede anything in advance of the nation's first primary.
Chris Christie Responds To Female Heckler At Romney Rally With Lewd CommentIt's not surprising that the loquacious governor responded to a heckler, but what he said is.
Keith Olbermann To Join In Election Coverage On Current TVDespite his absence from early primary coverage, Current TV's Keith Olbermann will soon be part of the act.
GOP Candidates Face Off In New HampshireA combative Newt Gingrich accused Mitt Romney of "pious baloney'' Sunday for saying he's not a career politician and charged him of hiding behind inaccurate attack ads aired by his allies in the race for the presidential nomination.
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