Nina In New York

Nina In New York: Stop Pphubbing, Start LovingIf you're a chronic pphubber, or Partner Phone Snubber, you may be hurting your relationship. Then again, it was probably a mess to begin with.
Nina In New York: Normal Barbie Keeping It Realer Than EverBut just in case you thought this doll had hit the absolute height of keeping it real, guess again.
Nina In New York: The Future Is Now, Or Really Pretty SoonWhat is this light I see in the distance? It's the future. And it is bright. Bring on the invisibility cloaks and telepathic communication.
Nina In New York: Millennials Aren't Always The Worst At Everything!I was born in 1982, which appears to place me and my birth year brethren in a bit of generational no man's land.
Nina In New York: Hello, Barbie. You Are Terrifying.In case you missed it, Mattel is soon rolling out its brand new, game-changing addition to the Barbie collection: Hello Barbie, an artificially intelligent new playmate coming to a store near you.
Nina In New York: A Depressing Pop QuizIn honor of the start of the school year, here are some math problems that will actually help prepare our kids for the real world.
Nina In New York: Welcome To The Doll BoxSince a very young age, I've been envisioning my future self showing my girl the ropes as they were shown to me.
Nina In New York: Adventures In Rainy Day ParentingI sat my kid down with a piece of construction paper and the rest of the supplies, showed her how to apply the items to the paper with glue, and then sat back to watch my exemplary parenting take effect.
Nina In New York: Fall Has SprungMaybe it's the many formative years of adhering to the school calendar, but September always gives me an urge to overhaul, simplify, and improve.
Nina In New York: Queens Is Losing Its Books (But We're Gaining Another Pharmacy!)Yesterday, news broke that the three remaining Barnes and Noble locations in Queens will be shuttered.
Nina In New York: What I Did On My Summer Vacation (Homework, Again)I wonder what my mom is up to this week. I'd say she owes me a few puff paint jobs.
Nina In New York: Parenting Officially The Worst Thing That Can Befall A HumanIt's fair to say that parenting is a difficult occupation.