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Nina In New York


Nina In New York: Official Minutes from the Emergency Rat Summit

Okay, thank you, everybody. I hereby call to order the first ever Emergency Rat Summit. Templeton, to my right, will be passing around a sign-in sheet and taking minutes.



Nina In New York: Goodbye, Upper West Side. Hello, Outer Boroughs!

Last weekend, a very big deal thing happened. We left the Upper West Side.



Nina In New York: 4 News Stories You May Have Missed This Week

The world got a new Pope from Argentina and we’re still guzzling soda and other sugary drinks, but here are some fun stories you may have missed this week.


Large sugary drinks facing ban (credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Nina In New York: Soda Ban Gets Banned; Everyone Was Still Going To Be Fat Anyway

As you already know, the so-called “sugary drink ban” would forbid the sale of the aforementioned sugary drinks in quantities larger than 16 ounces.


Housework, Chores

Nina In New York: Researchers At U of South Carolina Want A Sandwich; Find Modern Women Fat, Lazy

Researchers at the University of South Carolina has come up with the stunning conclusion that women are gaining weight as they spend less time doing housework.


Handout image provided by NASA/JPL-Caltech - one of the first images taken by NASA's Curiosity rover, which landed on Mars on the evening of August 5, 2012. (Photo by NASA/JPL-Caltech via Getty Images)

Nina In New York: Would You Vacation In Outer Space?

Would you spend 501 straight days in an RV with your spouse? How about if that RV was actually hurtling through outer space, leaving absolutely no possibility of roadside stops during which you can walk off some steam or take a nap while the other one eats a cheeseburger?


(Photo courtesy: Chick-fil-A/Facebook)

Nina In New York: Titanic Redux And The Hot Debate Over Chick-Fil-A

This week in news: Republicans prefer doughnuts, the Titanic set to sail again and everybody hates Anne Hathaway.


Swedish meatballs with lingenberry jam sold by Ikea. ( February 25, 2013)

Nina In New York: Horse Walks Into A Bar, Says “Make Me A Bowl of Swedish Meatballs”

Sure, Ikea is a trendy discount furniture warehouse, and it’s all European and whatnot and sometimes well-dressed monkeys roam the showrooms and much of their stuff is of pretty darn decent quality considering the price, but let’s call a spade a spade.


(credit: YouTube)

Nina In New York: Life Lessons From The Latest News

The only right way to teach a boy to become a man is to buy him and his friends lap dances in between frames. And pizza. A bowling party without pizza is like a skating party without prostitutes.


Phys ed class

Nina In New York: Gym Class The Way I Always Hoped It Could Be

A new controversy is brewing when it comes to PE class in schools.


In this handout from the U.S. Coast Guard, the cruise ship Carnival Triumph sits idle February 11, 2013 in the Gulf of Mexico. According to the Coast Guard, the ship lost propulsion power February 10, after a fire broke out in the engine room. (Photo by Paul McConnell/U.S. Coast Guard via Getty Images)

Nina In New York: 4 News(ish) Stories Of the Week

The most horrifying newsy story in the news this week is that of the Carnival cruise trip from hell.


Girl Scout Cookies

Nina In New York: Don’t Mess With My Girl Scout Cookie Supply

A short follow-up piece in yesterday’s New York Times Bucks blog blew my mind.

The Girl Scouts of America do not approve of parents selling their kids’ cookies in the office.

I mean. What? This is a devastating bit of news, if you ask me.



Nina In New York: I’ll Drink To That

The good news: A study out of the University of Washington which reveals that beer = healthy.


Bar Refaeli

Nina In New York: Still Talking Super Bowl Ads

Boy, if it wasn’t for that Clydesdale making me cry real, salty tears in the fourth quarter, I’d have lost all faith in the power of fabulous beer advertising. Remember the Budweiser frogs? Seriously, I cried real tears. It was good.


Elton The Gay Dog

Nina In New York: Did You Hear The One About The Gay Dog?

From Duchess Catherine’s perfect nose to an allegedly “gay” dog and cocaine diapers at JFK, this week was anything short of slow, news-wise.