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East Hampton Considers Ban On Helicopters During Peak Times This Summer

Tens of thousands of complaints have poured in to the town board


WASHINGTON, DC - OCTOBER 7: Nicole Andress takes a break during an Olympic weight-lifting class at District CrossFit SW in Washington, DC on October 7, 2014. Story about how strong body types are the new 'skinny'. (Photo by Linda Davidson / The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Manhattan CrossFit Gym To Close After Complaints Of Slamming Barbells

A CrossFit gym located in the first-floor of a New York City condo building must close after upstairs neighbors sued over excessive exercise-induced noise.


Late-night construction in lower Manhattan has been driving residents crazy. (Photo: CBS2)

Noisy Late-Night Construction In Lower Manhattan Infuriates Residents

You’ve heard of noisy neighbors, but residents in lower Manhattan say recent overnight street work has taken it too far.


New Tappan Zee Bridge pilings (Credit: CBS 2)

State Halts Pile Driving For New Tappan Zee Bridge Due To Noise Complaints

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s point man on the bridge said pile driving will resume but only after the contractor figures out a way to do it more quietly.


Hudson River Helicopter

Hoboken Residents: Helicopter Tours Are A Noisy Nuisance

Helicopters flying over the Hudson River have become a noisy nuisance – especially in parts of New Jersey, where neighbors said their quality of life is being drowned out.


Manhasset Bagels sign (credit: CBS 2)

Manhasset Residents In Battle With Bagel Shop Over Noise

Town code specifically prohibits operation commercial equipment between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. But residents whose bedrooms back up to the bakery kitchen claim three years of complaints to the town have fallen on deaf ears.



1st Ward Noise Complaints Prompt Hoboken Mayor To Hold Community Hearing

In some ways, Hoboken is a victim of its own success. A thriving nightlife means healthy businesses and a robust tax base but there’s a price to be paid and it’s meausre in decibels.


Musicians played in protest of the new "quiet zones" the Parks Department has created in Central Park. (Credit: CBS 2)

Musicians Protest New ‘Quiet Zones’ In Central Park

A crackdown in Central Park is aimed at silencing musicians in prime locations, but those artists were fighting back on Sunday, defying the rules in the new quiet zones.