Cash-Strapped Bergen, N.J. To Fight Snow With 'Pickle Juice'Bergen County's 230 plows and salting vehicles are ready for Wednesday's snowfall, especially with their newest weapon for melting snow quickly -- a briny mixture of salt and water that resembles pickle juice.
B’klyn Residents Next To Sound Off At Blizzard HearingThe City Council blizzard hearings move to Borough Hall Wednesday night.
Batting Lead-Off: S.I. Residents Blast City Over BlizzardResidents on Staten Island are still talking about the snow from weeks ago. The Christmas weekend storm dumped up to 30 inches on the borough -- and the city spent days trying to cleanup.
Parents To Mayor: Make Up Your Mind On School ClosingsIt’s a waiting game to find out if New York City children will go to school Wednesday. And some parents are angry saying Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s late call will leave them scrambling for child care.
Outer Boroughs To Mayor: Don't Forget AgainMany people in the outer boroughs are still steaming over the snow clean-up from the last blizzard. Streets were buried for days. Now residents say it better not happen again.
Sources: More Heads Likely To Roll Over NYC Blizzard DebacleFriday’s storm was nothing like the blizzard that paralyzed the city, but Mayor Michael Bloomberg was determined to show people he can learn from his mistakes and that he can't be "snowed" twice in two weeks.
Councilman: Feds Open Probe In Alleged Slowdown Queens Councilman Dan Halloran says workers were told they wouldn't be written up or "tightly scrutinized" for missing routes and skipping streets.
Video Of Apparent Blizzard Clean-Up, Slow-Down SurfacesCriminal investigations are under way to find out why it took so long to dig out from last week’s massive snow storm. Exclusive videos suggest that the clean-up job may have been dirtier than once thought.
Injury Breakdown: Snow Shoveling Safety TipsAre you stuck with the unwelcome task of shoveling snow? If you haven’t been hitting the gym regularly or training for snow shoveling as your sport of choice, you may be waking up with some aches and pains. Here are a few tips to dig yourself out a little more safely.
Area Airports Will Take Days To Get Back To NormalWhen it snows that fast, it wreaks havoc on travel, and especially on air travel. Runways at John F. Kennedy Airport were still covered in snow on Monday evening, much of still blowing around.
Maple Leafs Spent 4 Hours On Bus After Devils GameThe NHL's Toronto Maple Leafs found themselves stuck on a bus amid the snowstorm that shut down much travel in the Northeast.

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