NYC budget

New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer (credit: Getty Images)

Comptroller Scott Stringer: De Blasio’s Budget Falls Short

Comptroller Scott Stringer said Wednesday the budgetary elephant in the room this year is the number of open labor agreements the city has to settle.


Mayor Michael Bloomberg . (Photo: CBS 2)

Bloomberg Offers Stunning Prediction Of What Tax Rates Could Be Under Next Mayor

Knowing that many labor leaders have refused to negotiate new contracts in the hope that a new mayor would be friendlier, the man some call “El Bloombito” said wage hikes should be finito.


A senior citizen center in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn could be closed down as a result of statewide budget cuts. (Photo: CBS 2)

NYC Senior Centers At Mercy Of Statewide Budget Crunch

There is growing alarm among senior citizens in New York City over plans to shut down more than a 100 of the city’s senior centers, but there is a new way those who depend on the centers are fighting back.


Mayor Michael Bloomberg

Bloomberg: Next Round Of City Layoffs Likely

Mayor Michael Bloomberg has ordered a hiring freeze and another round of draconian budget cuts that could result in more layoffs and fewer city jobs.