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Moammar Gadhafi (file / credit: MAHMUD TURKIA/AFP/Getty Images)

CT Professor Was Translator For Moammar Gadhafi; NJ Mansion Still Libya’s

No one in Libya was untouched by the tyranny of now late dictator Moammar Gadhafi, according to Dr. Abubaker Saad.


Thermostat (file / credit: clipart.com)

Connecticut Energy Expert Doubts Energy Dept. On Rising Oil Prices

Weather forecasts predict a relatively mild winter. Despite that, the prediction from the Department of Energy is that the price of crude oil will move up, translating into higher home heating costs.


Gas Pumps (credit: clipart.com)

Analyst: Fairfield County Should Expect Lower Gas Prices Soon

Oil analyst Peter Beutel says prices are dropping and they should be reflected at the pump soon.


Dow Rebounds After Fed Announcement (Photo credit: STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images)

Dow Closes Up 429 Points After Fed Decides To Keep Interest Rates Near 0 For 2 Years

The Dow picked up steam late in the trading day Tuesday and closed up nearly 430 points.


A trader looks up at a monitor while working on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange on Friday, Aug. 5, 2011 in New York. (AP Photo/Jin Lee)

Roller Coaster Ride On The Dow Ends As Index Closes Up 61 Points

Wall Street was not for the faint of heart Friday. The breathtaking peaks and valleys of the day came to an end with the Dow closing up 61 points.


Cold Person (credit: AP)

Some In Connecticut Could Face A Chilly Winter Without Help

Despite temperatures lingering in the 90s, concerns over the coming winter are surfacing.


Gas Pump (file / credit: clipart.com)

Connecticut Now Has One Of America’s Highest Gasoline Taxes

Connecticut now has the distinction of having the highest gasoline tax in the lower 48 states – a whopping 70.3 cents for every gallon purchased.


Gas Pump (file / credit: David Paul Morris/Getty Images)

Lundberg Suvey: Gas Prices Down Nationwide

Locally, according to AAA, the average price for regular is $4.09 in New York, $3.81 in New Jersey, and $4.19 in Connecticut.


Offshore oil platforms are seen near Santa Barbara, CA - Jul 21, 2009 (credit: David McNew/Getty Images

New Jersey Environmentalists Keep Eyes On House Vote On Offshore Drilling

Those for lifting the moratorium say increasing oil supplies will help lower gas prices, but the Sierra Club’s Jeff Tittel says it’s not worth threatening beaches.


(AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

Oil Prices Keep Making Experts Raise Eyebrows

Federal regulators aren’t sure if there’s anything fishy going on with oil prices but the recent volatility—the sharp rise and quick decline—is raising eyebrows.


Gas Pump (file / credit: David Paul Morris/Getty Images)

Rockland County Legislator Wants To Cap Sales Tax On Gas

With gas prices well over $4 a gallon, Rockland County legislator Ed Day says there is no way they can compete with New Jersey. He is now pushing a bill to cap the county sales tax on gasoline at $2 a gallon.


Gas Pump (file / credit: Miguel Villagran/Getty Images)

Oil Analyst Peter Beutel Says Higher Interest Rates Could Mean Lower Gas Prices

Oil company earnings won’t drive down prices at the gas pump, but one oil analyst has an idea about what might.


New Jersey drivers lined up to fill their tanks before yet another expected gas price hike. (Credit: CBS 2)

N.J. Drivers Rush To Fill Up Before Gas Prices Spike Again

Gas prices are pumped up across the Tri-State Area, and with seemingly no end in sight, drivers were lining up at area gas stations on Thursday to fill up before the prices soar again.


Stamford, Conn. Shell station prices

$5 Gas Hits Connecticut; $6-Plus Predicted For Tri-State Very Soon

At first you might have thought your eyes were playing tricks on you, but they weren’t. Gas prices hit $4.99 for premium in Stamford on Wednesday.


Gas Pump - File / Photo: John Gress/Getty Images

Gas Prices Still Rising Across Tri-State

In New Jersey, known for its cheap fuel, the average price per gallon for regular gas is now $3.61. In New York, it’s $3.96. Connecticut drivers have it worst, with the average price for regular at almost four dollars a gallon.