B&C Morning Show: A Slice Of Americana Omar in Brooklyn called up prepared to pick a bone with Craig for his view of hockey and soccer.
B&C Morning Show: Omar In Brooklyn Shares A Few OpinionsAround 7:30 a.m., Boomer & Craig heard from our old friend Omar, who resides in Brooklyn and always calls prepared to voice his opinions -- which was the case Thursday.
B&C Morning Show: Omar In Brooklyn Hates The JetsWith the Bills falling as they have and the Knicks not yet underway, Omar has had little to be pumped up about. Enter the Giants-Jets Christmas Eve clash.
B&C Morning Show: Omar In Brooklyn Sparks Some Knicks Trade TalkAfter the Buffalo Bills lost to the Tennessee Titans yesterday - the Bills' 5th straight loss - Boomer & Craig were happy to hear from Omar in Brooklyn to find out if he is ready to concede the season for his beloved team, who now have a record of 5-7.
B&C Morning Show: Omar In Brooklyn Sees His Bills Lose FirsthandBoomer was kind enough to give our boy Omar in Brooklyn his personal tickets for yesterday's Bills-Jets game, which he used to take his son to the game.
B&C Morning Show: Omar In Brooklyn Isn't Ready To Give Up Just YetA couple of weeks ago Boomer offered his personal tickets for this Sunday's Bills-Jets game to out old friend Omar in Brooklyn.
B&C Morning Show: Omar In Brooklyn Shows His Humble SideWith his Buffalo Bills having lost two games in-a-row, we had begun to wonder if we would ever hear from our friend Omar in Brooklyn again. Then Omar called in - a humble Omar that is.
B&C Morning Show: Omar From Brooklyn Reluctantly Calls In About His BillsAfter yesterday's, humbling 27-11 loss to Rex's Gang Green, Omar in Brooklyn called up late in the Show to take his medicine and make arrangements to deliver a cooked chicken - prepared by his wife - for Boomer & Craig.
B&C Morning Show: A Young, Loose-Lipped Boomer And Omar The Bills FanCraig got his hands on some old quotes of Boomer from the late 80's and he decided to share some of them this morning so we could all judge for ourselves if the Blonde Bomber has changed at all.

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