One-way street

Wrong-way drivers make neighbors nervous on 39th Place in Sunnyside, Queens. (Credit: CBS2)

Sunnyside Neighbors Say Wrong-Way Traffic On One-Way Street Poses Serious Danger

The signs on a street in Sunnyside, Queens make it clear that it is for one-way traffic only, but some drivers are ignoring it.


Wrong-way drivers

Wrong-Way Drivers Having A Field Day On 39th Street In Sunnyside

There’s a one-way street in Queens where you’d better look both ways before crossing. That’s because traffic may come from both directions.


One-way streets in the Bronx

Influx Of One-Way Streets In Bronx Community Causes Some Backlash

In the Norwood section of the Bronx, some residents and motorists are upset over a change in long-time traffic patterns. It has resulted in a bit of confusion.