Kemar Bassaragh blew out his knee playing tennis. (credit: CBS2)

Regrowing Cartilage Could Be The Answer For People Suffering From Osteoarthritis In Knees

Researchers have found a way to regrow cartilage in the knee and perhaps even prevent knee-replacement surgery.


I'll Have Another (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

I’ll Have Another Ailing Well Before Belmont

Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner I’ll Have Another was ailing well before he was retired from racing with a tendon injury the day ahead of his bid to win the Belmont Stakes.


The OActive knee brace by BioniCare is combining the support of a brace with cartilage-repairing electrical stimulation to help arthritis sufferers avoid knee replacement surgery.

New Knee Brace Helps Arthritis Sufferers Avoid Surgery

A promising new treatment for knee pain is helping many patients avoid surgery. The high-tech brace is bring relief to arthritis patients.