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Dr. Max Gomez: Some Medications May Contribute To Secondary Osteoporosis

Many people are taking medications that may actually be causing the brittle bone disease.


Bone Density Test (credit: CBS 2)

HealthWatch: Bone Density

Bone density tests are recommended for all women age 65 and older, and for younger women with certain risk factors.


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New Osteoporosis Treatment Could Help Fight Fractures

Osteoporosis is a silent disease that haunts millions of women, but a new treatment could dramatically change life for women suffering from it.


Osteoporosis & Supplements – July 14

Did you see Dr. Holly Phillips’ report on osteoporosis and supplements during CBS 2 HD News at 11 p.m.? For more information use the following resources: Dr. Paula J. Rackoff Dr. Marcus Laux Mayo Clinic

CBS New York–07/31/2010


Seen At 11: Osteoporosis And Calcium

 NEW YORK (CBS) ―Osteoporosis affects millions of women. One in 3 over age 50 suffer from the bone deficiency. While there is no cure, calcium can help strengthen your bones. But do supplements really work? […]