Paralyzed football player

Eric LeGrand

Prayer Service Held For Paralyzed Rutgers Football Player

A community-wide rally was held on campus Thursday night for paralyzed Rutgers football player Eric LeGrand.


Eric LeGrand

A Weekend Of Tributes For Paralyzed Rutgers Football Player

It was a Saturday of tributes for a Rutgers football player left paralyzed after a hit last weekend. Throughout the Garden State, high school teams placed the number 52 on their helmets to pay tribute to Eric LaGrand.


Eric LeGrand

Report: Helmets Archaic, Don’t Stop Concussions

A Friday night football tribute was paid to paralyzed Rutgers player Eric LeGrand. At a high school game in West New York, N.J., a team honored LeGrand by placing his number 52 on their helmets.