Pedro Espada

Manhattan polling place

Bloomberg: Poll Problems ‘A Royal Screw-Up’

There were major problems at the polls on primary day in New York and it’s all connected to the debut of the state’s new electronic voting machines.

CBS 2–09/14/2010

Sen. Majority Leader Pedro Espada (file)

As His World Turns: Espada Accused Of Stiffing Tailor

Senator Pedro Espada is being investigated by the U.S. Attorney in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and by the state attorney general. But it’s a different kind of suit that may actually get the embattled lawmaker into court.


Sen. Majority Leader Pedro Espada (file)

Foe Accuses Espada Of Bully Campaign Tactics

Embattled Sen. Pedro Espada has been accused by an opponent of using strong-arm tactics to knock him off the ballot.

CBS 2–08/05/2010

Man holds Espada poster

Espada Loses It, Throws Money At Protestors

It was like a circus at the state capitol on Wednesday. CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer has obtained video of angry Sen. Pedro Espada Jr. throwing money at protestors.

CBS 2–08/04/2010