Pumpkin Carving Time-LapseA jack-o'-lantern time-lapse, just in time for Halloween.
Childhood Friends Carve Out A Business From A Halloween TraditionAs professional sculptors, Marc and Chris etch hundreds of pumpkins a season with logos, illusions and portraits—each one more elaborate than the last.
The Art to Carving the Best PumpkinYou can't celebrate Halloween without carving a pumpkin! Whether you decide to use stencils or carve your pumpkin free hand-- make yours the star of the neighborhood by following these must-do tips.
Bruce Warren Of 'Mr. Handyman''s Tips On Carving Pumpkins With Power ToolsIf you're looking to carve your pumpkin like a pro, Bruce Warren is the person to talk to.
The Great Pumpkin, in All its GloryThe pumpkin is king of the Halloween season. Here are some of the many interesting ways it's used, including a few you may not have thought of.
Do You Know How To Carve A Pumpkin?Master Carver Hugh McMahon joined CBS 2 live in the studio to offer a few lessons for next weekend’s holiday festivities.

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