pumpkin carving

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Childhood Friends Carve Out A Business From A Halloween Tradition

As professional sculptors, Marc and Chris etch hundreds of pumpkins a season with logos, illusions and portraits—each one more elaborate than the last.


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The Art to Carving the Best Pumpkin

You can’t celebrate Halloween without carving a pumpkin! Whether you decide to use stencils or carve your pumpkin free hand– make yours the star of the neighborhood by following these must-do tips.


Pumpkins carved by Bruce Warren (credit: CBS2)

Bruce Warren Of ‘Mr. Handyman”s Tips On Carving Pumpkins With Power Tools

If you’re looking to carve your pumpkin like a pro, Bruce Warren is the person to talk to.


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The Great Pumpkin, in All its Glory

The pumpkin is king of the Halloween season. Here are some of the many interesting ways it’s used, including a few you may not have thought of.


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Do You Know How To Carve A Pumpkin?

Master Carver Hugh McMahon joined CBS 2 live in the studio to offer a few lessons for next weekend’s holiday festivities.