Fantasy Football: Top 10 NFL Quarterbacks To DraftIt's a poorly-kept secret that the Seattle Seahawks don't mind taking a penalty flag or two for pass interference or defensive holding in exchange for five or six no-calls on borderline plays. Supposedly, the NFL will be cracking down on physical play in the defensive backfield. If true-and that's a big if-it could mean even bigger numbers for the quarterbacks.
Fantasy Football: Top 10 NFL QuarterbacksThe keyword is "upside." And these guys have it. Here are the top 10 fantasy football quarterbacks for the 2012 NFL season.
Brady, Manning Vie To Prove Who's The 'Elite' QB Now So ready or not, it's time for the "other" Manning vs. Brady, Part II. Both are back in Sunday's Super Bowl, four years after they first clashed, each with plenty still to prove.

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