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12/2 CBS2 Tuesday Morning Weather Headlines

Another cold start today after such a nice, mild one yesterday. Grab the coats as you head out; you’ll need them later on too.


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12/1 CBS2 Monday Evening Weather Headlines

A little light-moderate rain is falling over the Tri-State right now. This will persist for just a few more hours. So if you’re on your way home, just know the next little bit coule be slow going!


An accident on the Taconic Parkway during snow on Nov. 26, 2014. (credit: Lou Young/CBS2)

Thanksgiving Travelers Across Tri-State Fight Through Rain, Snow

One of the busiest, most stressful travel days of the year poses special challenges as travelers on their way to Thanksgiving celebrations contend with a nor’easter packing rain and snow.


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11/26 CBS2 Wednesday Evening Weather Headlines

We’re just about to drop temps across the entire area and push the rain-snow line farther east. So the city can expect a last little burst of snow on top of our rainy mess we’ve had so far.


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11/20 CBS2 Thursday Morning Weather Headlines

It’s definitely a better morning, as far as temps are concerned, than we have had over the past few days.


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11/17 CBS2 Monday Evening Weather Headlines

After the rain exits east, its all about the temps. Waking up tomorrow morning will feel like a typical morning in mid-January.


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11/13 CBS2 Thursday Evening Weather Headlines

Today started out on a sunny and clear note, but clouds and chilly temps overtook the area by mid-afternoon. Light rain is starting to fall in New Jersey and Long Island, while some wet flakes are overtaking a few towns to the north.


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11/13 CBS2 Thursday Morning Weather Headlines

Cold air has arrived. Sadly for those who like the heat, it’s going to be here for a while — at least a week.


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11/12 CBS2 Wednesday Morning Weather Headlines

Today might be the last 60-plus degree day for a while. The dense morning fog burned off early this afternoon and temps spiked.


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11/5 CBS2 Evening Weather Headlines

Today is a transition day in the world of our local weather. Clouds have overwhelmed much of the Tri-State ahead of the approaching cold front, and even the winds are starting to pick up.


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11/6 CBS2 Morning Weather Headlines

By Giorgio Panetta, CBS 2 Chief Meteorologist/Weather Producer Good morning, I hope you’re not waking up to rain, but chances are, you are. Grab the umbrella and the wellies as you head out. You’ll need […]


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10/30 CBS2 Evening Weather Headlines

Tonight is clear and quiet. But if you’re headed out, grab the jacket, because the later it goes, the chillier it gets with lows in the 40s for much of the Tri-State.


The CBS 2 5-day forecast starting Wednesday, Oct. 29. (Credit: CBS 2)

Morning Weather Update: Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2014

For Wednesday Oct. 29, we can expect the last mild feeling day in the area until at least next Tuesday.


A nor'easter pounded the Tri-State Area with rain and cut power to an estimated 13,000 customers on Long Island on Wednesday, Oct. 22. (Credit: CBS 2)

Nor’easter Brings Pounding Rain, Cuts Power To 13,000 Customers On Long Island

Rain and blasting winds cut power to an estimated 13,000 customers on Long Island Wednesday evening.


An manhole cover lifted open by floodwaters caused a car accident in Newark on Tuesday, Oct. 21. (Credit: CBS 2)

Heavy Rain Causes Flooding, Danger On Roads In Newark

Only light rain was seen in much of the Tri-State Area on Tuesday, but a hovering weather system brought floods and created a dangerous situation in Newark.