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Suffolk County Considers Red Light Cameras As Key Part Of Budget Deficit Fix

The county estimates that with the additional red light cameras and by processing its own traffic violations they could make some $20 million annually.


Red light camera video of an intersection in Linden, NJ. (credit: YouTube)

NJ Assemblyman Questioning Use Of Red Light Cameras After Footage Of Crashes Posted On YouTube

In several cases, drivers can be seen going through red lights and then slamming on their brakes to avoid a collision with another car.


(credit: YouTube)

Traffic Light Camera Company Posts Footage Of NJ Crashes On YouTube

A company that provides red light cameras for many New Jersey communities is highlighting some of this year’s so-called greatest hits.


Speed cameras

Speed Cameras To Join Red-Light Cameras On New York City Streets?

Instead of “the check is in the mail,” city drivers could soon find “the ticket is in the mail” if they step on the gas pedal too hard.


A sign indicating a red light camera - File / Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images

Crashes Reduced At LI Intersections With Red Light Cameras

Red light traffic cameras in Nassau County have reduced traffic accidents an average of 12-to-16 percent at 40 intersections.


A sign warning the public that red light cameras are in use. (Photo: CBSNY)

Fear Grows In Nassau Over Alleged Malfunctioning Red-Light Cameras

Red-light cameras seem to be everywhere, capturing the license plates of scofflaws and sending costly tickets by mail. But some Long Island drivers are seeing red over what they claim are malfunctioning cameras.


Mayor Michael Bloomberg is seen in the Governor's Room at City Hall - New York, NY (file / credit: Kristen Artz / Mayor's Office)

Bloomberg Wants Red-Light Cameras On Every NYC Corner; Threatens Lawmakers That Don’t

There’s a new war between Michael Bloomberg and state lawmakers over more red-light cameras on New York City streets. The mayor wants to “out” every lawmaker who won’t green light city plans for more of those “eye in the sky” ticket givers.


A sign indicating a red light camera - File / Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images

New Jersey Drivers In Favor Of Red Light Cameras, Survey Finds

A survey done in New Jersey by The National Coalition for Safer Roads found that 77-percent of registered voters favor red light cameras.


TomTom Via LIVE 120 - Regional (credit: TomTom International)

Consumer Alert: TomTom Reportedly Sold GPS User Data To Police To Target Motorists

You know what your GPS device is telling you, but do you know how the company is using that information?


A sign indicating a red light camera - File / Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images

N.J. Town Postpones Vote On Red Light Cameras Plan

Red light cameras aren’t coming to Morris County any time soon. Morris Township, the only town in the county to seek approval for the cameras, has opted out.


Speed Camera (Photo/CBS 2)

NYC Wants To Use Speed Cameras To Catch Lead Foot Drivers

The speed cameras could capture the speeding violation, snap a photo of their license plate and have a summons sent directly to their home without them even knowing about it.


A sign indicating a red light camera - File / Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images

Nassau County Officials Authorizing Car Bootings

MINEOLA, N.Y. (WCBS 880) – Nassau County lawmakers are taking steps to punish its red light runners. The lawmakers are authorizing traffic enforcers to boot the vehicles of those who ignore red light camera summonses, […]