Washington, DC (Photo credit: SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

Opinion: Billions Are Being Spent On This Election, But Will It Change Anything?

For all the billions spent by the Obama and Romney campaigns, Republican and Democratic parties, and countless outside groups, we may wake up November 7th to a Washington that is virtually unchanged.


Voting booths (Photo by Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images)

Opinion: Mess In Texas

In Texas Republicans have taken efforts to restrict access to voting a step farther. Texas Republicans are calling for the repeal of the Voting Rights Act.


The New York State Capitol in Albany - File / Photo: Daniel Barry/Getty Images

Congressional Redistricting All But Finalized

The congressional election districts lines for New York won’t be final until March 20, but the lines drawn by a federal judge appear likely to be the final plan.


Andrew Cuomo (credit: CBS 2)

Election Re-Districting Proposal Considered In Albany

The latest hope of overhauling New York politics by creating more competitive elections rests with closed-door horse trading this week by the Legislature’s powerful leaders and Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo


New Jersey State House - Trenton, NJ - File Photo

Bipartisan Panel Chairman Likely To Be Tie-Breaker In NJ Redistricting

Chairman John Farmer Jr., who is the Rutgers Law School dean, says Republicans and Democrats are likely to remain divided.


New Jersey State House - Trenton, NJ - File Photo

NJ Redistricting Panel Hopes To Reach Agreement Wednesday

The 13-member commission has been sequestered inside a New Brunswick hotel since Monday, trading ideas on how to eliminate one of the state’s 13 seats.


New Jersey Map - File / Credit: AP

Why Does Redistricting Matter In New Jersey?

Redistricting matters in two ways, says Rutgers University political science professor emeritus Gerald Pomper.


New York State Legislature

NY Senate Dems, Citing More Votes, Push GOP

Democrats in New York’s Senate say election records show they received 240,000 more votes than the Republicans in the 2010 elections, proving the GOP majority must embrace nonpartisan redrawing of election districts — again.


Jersey City Hosts Meeting On Redistricting Efforts

Jersey City will hold a public hearing on Sunday afternoon about the state’s redistricting efforts.