NFL, Union Negotiate For 25-Plus Hours Over 4 DaysAt least one person participating in the federally mediated NFL labor negotiations was willing to say something — anything — about how he felt after more than 25 hours of meetings over four days. "Things are going well right now," said Steelers quarterback Charlie Batch.
NFL, Players' Union Resume Talks For 4th Straight DayThe NFL and its players' union met with a federal mediator for the fourth day in a row Monday, trying to make progress toward a new collective bargaining agreement before the current labor deal expires.
NFL, Union Negotiate More Than 20 Hours Over 3 DaysSay this for the NFL and its players' union: They are on speaking terms at the moment. "Conversation," Jets fullback Tony Richardson said, "is good."
NFL, Union Hold 1st Session With Federal Mediator The contentious NFL labor negotiations went in front of a federal mediator Friday, two weeks before owners could impose a lockout on players and threaten the 2011 season.

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