Richard Nixon

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Chicago

Many know Chicago is known as “the Windy City” and Wrigley Field is one of America’s oldest baseball stadiums, but there are a lot of other things about this great city that are not widely known.


Sir David Frost (credit: Chris Jackson/Getty Images for The Earth Awards Exhibition)

David Frost, Famous For Interviews With President Nixon, Dies At 74

David Frost died of an apparent heart attack aboard the cruise ship Queen Elizabeth, where he was due to give a speech, his family said.


Damage inside the burnt US consulate building in Benghazi (Photo credit: GIANLUIGI GUERCIA/AFP/GettyImages)

Opinion: If Obama Is Impeached Over Benghazi Scandal

Mounting questions are being asked about Benghazi, which could lead to the Oval Office. If it is found that President Barack Obama lied about not knowing that the attack was a terrorist attack the nation could very likely repeat the events of Nixon’s resignation.


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Opinion: Obama Raises $181 Million In September As ‘Foreign-Donor-Gate’ Heats Up

As Obama and his campaign boast a $181-million month in September 2012 in fundraising, there is a lengthy report which says there is an incredibly huge amount of campaign donations coming from overseas.


Casino mogul Sheldon Adelson (Photo by Aaron Tam/AFP/Getty Images)

Opinion: Why Is China’s Largest Foreign Investor Spending So Much Money On Our Elections?

Sheldon Adelson, the largest foreign investor in China, has invested tens of millions of dollars in influencing the 2012 election and has vowed to spend $100 million to put his thumb on the scale for Mitt Romney in November.


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Paige One: Grownups Can Be So Stupid

As someone who has coached young players in a variety of sports from age seven to 12, it is amazing how much you have to wonder if grown men know that they have to be above reproach when working with said youngsters.


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FBI: George Steinbrenner Aided Agency In Terrorism Probe

George Steinbrenner: legendary Yankees owner, controversial public figure and… FBI informant?


This Aug. 27, 1977, file photo shows New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner.  (AP Photo/File)

George Steinbrenner Blamed Legal Advice For Illegal Campaign Contribution To Nixon

Newly released FBI documents show that Steinbrenner, then the owner of the New York Yankees, told FBI officials in 1979 that he would not have made the $25,000 donation had he known it was illegal.