Rick Barry

Boomer & Carton: Rick Barry Has A Passion For Basketball, That's For SureDonald Sterling's name came up; Barry talked about being lied to by the Clippers owner a while back and had nothing good to say about the man.
Boomer & Carton: Rick Barry Gets Feisty, Talks KnicksThe conversation was not limited to just the Knicks, as Barry showed his fiery side and got into it a little bit with Craig, who fancies himself a 'basketball savant'...
Lichtenstein: Nets’ Need D-Will To Continue To Play Like A SuperstarHe’s not going to go for 42 points every night, but the Nets need Williams to continue to play like the superstar they are paying him to be.
B&C Morning Show: Rick Barry Mistakes Boomer For Phil SimmsBoomer played along, used his quick wit to make light of the gaffe and then got his revenge.