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The 'she shed,' a counterpart to the 'man cave.'

Seen At 11: Move Over Man Caves, Women Are Setting Up ‘She Sheds’ Of Their Own

For years, men have had man caves. Their very own hideaways to get away from it all.


naked in the city

Seen At 11: Should Body Painting Be Considered Art Or Public Nudity?

Artists say a full body paint generally takes anywhere between 8 and 12 hours and they actually use waterproof makeup.


Experts warn it is possible to overdose on water, and it can be deadly. (Credit: CBS2)

Seen At 11: Deadly Dangers Of Drinking Too Much Water

Drinking water in excessive amounts actually killed 28-year-old Jennifer Strange, who was participating in a radio contest to drink as much water as possible to win a gaming system.


The 'Inside Out Facelift' is performed by dentists. (Credit: CBS2)

Seen At 11: Latest Beauty Procedures That May Keep You Looking Younger

The quest for the fountain of youth continues with no shortage of new cosmetic procedures.


Paul Tabachneck suffers from misophonia -- a condition defined by an intolerance for sound. He has an intense reaction to sounds such as the flicking of a lighter. (Credit: CBS2)

Seen At 11: How Misophonia Sufferers Cope With Everyday Sounds

Sufferers experience extreme emotional reactions and even feel physical pain from certain every day sounds.


David Weisser shows CBS2's Dick Brennan the medical marijuana factory in Woodbridge, New Jersey. (Credit: CBS2)

CBS2 Exclusive: A Look Inside New Jersey’s Cannabis Factory

CBS2’s cameras got the first look inside the Garden State medical marijuana dispensary, and the tour guide was the man who runs it: David Weisser.


Experts say social media use can lead to a fear of missing out. (Credit: CBS2)

Seen At 11: Can Social Media Be A Source Of Digital Anxiety?

For many, it’s a fear of missing out or “FOMO” and it’s causing digital anxiety.


Some people are putting down tens of thousands of dollars pampering their pets. (Credit: CBS2)

Seen At 11: New Yorkers Spend Lavishly To Pamper Their Pooches

Custom-designed clothing, meals prepared by a personal chef, and a trove of priceless jewels; sounds like the good life, huh?


Brigitta Wareham says she got the boot from the City of New York four times -- by mistake. (Credit: CBS2)

CBS2 Investigates: Woman Says She Got The Boot 4 Times By Mistake

New York City boots cars when owners owe $350 or more in unpaid parking tickets. But Brigitta Wareham owes nothing.


Financial executive Chip Oat underwent a chin transplant to improve his profile. (Credit: CBS2)

Seen At 11: A Chiseled Chin Could Be The Ticket To Boardroom Success

A new way for men to get ahead in the business world has some trying to keep their chin up. Literally.


The illuMask is used to get a younger face. (Credit: CBS2)

Seen At 11: New Low Cost Treatments Vow To Improve Your Skin Tone

Doctors have been using light therapy to help build collagen and renew skin cells. This version is worn for 15 minutes a day at home.


Uber car service app  (Photo Illustration by David Ramos/Getty Images)

Seen At 11: Are Businesses Rating Your Behavior?

Restaurants, hotels, even your favorite car service could be rating you and your behavior and it could cost you down the road.


A surveillance image of the armed robbery of a nail salon. (Credit: CBS2)

Seen At 11: Thieves Targeting Nail Salons, But Not For Cash

A product being used at nail salons is not only growing in popularity with customers, but thieves too.


Theodora Blanchfield opens a surprise box with items from Stitch Fix. (Credit: CBS2)

Seen At 11: Companies Offer Monthly Surprise Delivered To Your Doorstep

Customers pay from $10 to hundreds of dollars for subscription boxes each month, signing up for everything from beauty products to clothing and even underwear.


A man with a beard. (Credit: CBS2)

Seen At 11: Are Beards Bad For You?

Dr. Yadager said there could be health issues related to beards since the coarseness of the hair can provide a ripe environment for bacteria.