Seen at 11

Seen At 11: Luxury Lockdown Rooms Hiding In Plain SightThe panic room has come a long way since the 2002 of the same name.
Seen At 11: Off-Campus Student Housing Horror StoriesFlooded basements, moldy walls, broken appliances, and bug infestations -- all conditions that have also been found in off-campus housing.
Seen At 11: State Urges New Yorkers To Beware Of Plant That Can Cause BurnsGiant Hogweed is considered one of the most dangerous plants to take over New York and surrounding states, experts say.
Seen At 11: Move Over Man Caves, Women Are Setting Up ‘She Sheds’ Of Their OwnFor years, men have had man caves. Their very own hideaways to get away from it all.
Seen At 11: Should Body Painting Be Considered Art Or Public Nudity?Artists say a full body paint generally takes anywhere between 8 and 12 hours and they actually use waterproof makeup.
Seen At 11: Deadly Dangers Of Drinking Too Much WaterDrinking water in excessive amounts actually killed 28-year-old Jennifer Strange, who was participating in a radio contest to drink as much water as possible to win a gaming system.
Seen At 11: Latest Beauty Procedures That May Keep You Looking YoungerThe quest for the fountain of youth continues with no shortage of new cosmetic procedures.
Seen At 11: How Misophonia Sufferers Cope With Everyday SoundsSufferers experience extreme emotional reactions and even feel physical pain from certain every day sounds.
CBS2 Exclusive: A Look Inside New Jersey's Cannabis FactoryCBS2's cameras got the first look inside the Garden State medical marijuana dispensary, and the tour guide was the man who runs it: David Weisser.
Seen At 11: Can Social Media Be A Source Of Digital Anxiety?For many, it's a fear of missing out or "FOMO" and it's causing digital anxiety.
Seen At 11: New Yorkers Spend Lavishly To Pamper Their PoochesCustom-designed clothing, meals prepared by a personal chef, and a trove of priceless jewels; sounds like the good life, huh?
CBS2 Investigates: Woman Says She Got The Boot 4 Times By MistakeNew York City boots cars when owners owe $350 or more in unpaid parking tickets. But Brigitta Wareham owes nothing.