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Seen At 11: Reignite Your Love Life…Through Sex Without Climax

A new trend in intimacy has local couples holding back in the bedroom. They say that this ‘amazing’ new spin on sex has made their lives better than ever.


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New Late Night Show Answers Questions About Sex, Love, Relationships

On Logo’s brand new show, aptly titled “The Sex Show,” viewers can ask all the pressing questions they have about love, sex and relationships from a panel of experts.


1.7.13 Relationships gone wrong

Are You In A Toxic Relationship?

Relationships — whether personal or professional — play an important role in our lives. But some relationships can end up being toxic, and it’s not always easy to end them. Family therapist, Dr. Paul Hokemeyer, visited the Couch to talk with us about what this can mean for you.


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Fmr. L.I. Cop Pleads Not Guilty To Having Sex On Duty

Retired Nassau County Police Officer Mike Tedesco pleaded not guilty Friday to having sex while on duty.


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Online Dating: 5 Insider Tips For Finding Love

Flirting & communications expert Rachel DeAlto’s new book “Flirt Fearlessly” may not be out just yet, but she hit The Couch all of the dirt on how to make the most out of online dating and gives us her insider tips for finding love online.


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Study: Young People More Inclined To Choose Social Media Over Sex

Students are a-flitter over a Twitter and Facebook study that features an astonishing revelation: While the urge for sex is stronger, people are more likely to give in to the desire of social media.


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Fight Less, Love More: Advice From A Relationship Expert

Relationship expert Laurie Puhn is the author of Fight Less, Love More, and she says 5 minutes is all a couple needs to make improvements to their relationship.


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Mayor Michael Bloomberg Defends Giving NYC Students Plan B ‘Morning-After Pill’

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is defending a city-funded pilot program to give female students the “day after pill,” otherwise known as Plan B. It can halt pregnancy if taken up to 72 hours after unprotected sex.


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‘Quite A Show’: Bathroom Sex Romp Caught On Video At Yankee Stadium

This gives new meaning to rounding the bases at Yankee Stadium.


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Libido Limbo: What Women Want

At some point in their lives many women may find themselves with a decreased sex drive, but experts say that a few simple lifestyle changes can help to bring it back.


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Parenting & Bedroom Blues: Spice Up Your Sex Life

Love and relationship guru Jenny Hutt, host of her own radio show, “Just Jenny” on Sirius XM Stars, is a mother of two. She stopped by The Couch to tell us why she thinks there’s not enough action going on in the bedroom – and more importantly, how to spice it up.


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When To Text, When To Have Sex And More Tips For Landing Mr. Right

Too many women go looking for love in all the wrong places, in all the wrongs ways, with all the wrong guys. Or so says professional matchmaker Amy Laurent. She’s the star of the reality hit “Miss Advised” on Bravo, and she’s also the author of the brand new book “8 Weeks To Everlasting.”


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Bloomberg Signs Cabbie Sex Trafficking Bill

Mayor Michael Bloomberg has signed a bill to strengthen penalties against cabbies who knowingly work with sex traffickers.


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L.I. Teacher Sentenced After Admitting Having Sex With 16-Year-Old Student

Tara Driscoll, 34, of Bay Shore, was sentenced today to six years probation with sex offender conditions.


Rafael Sosa is accused of sexually abusing an 8-year-old student at PS 208. (credit:

Teacher At P.S. 208 Arrested For Alleged Sex Abuse Of An 8-Year-Old

Rafael Sosa, 29, allegedly had relations with the student on several occasions. He allegedly kissed her and touched her inappropriately.