Radio Free Montone: New Yorkers Weigh In On 'Sharknado 2' I couldn’t have done it without Toni-Roni, Raji, Mohamed and Mike.
Advice From Sharknado 2: 'Don't Mess With A Mets Fan On The 7 Train'The Twitterverse went bananas Wednesday night when the doomed Ray -- in his close-up glory -- uttered his last words in the "Sharknado" sequel.
WATCH: 'Sharknado' Rips Through Citi FieldFor the uninitiated, this is a sequel to SyFy's campy cult hit, a film about, you know, a tornado full of sharks.
'Sharknado' Sequel Sinks Its Teeth Into Big AppleBatten down the hatches! A new kind of "natural disaster" is about to take a big bite out of the Big Apple.

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