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Terror Threat Hoaxes Abound Following Paris AttacksThe terror attacks in Paris have heightened social media anxiety, especially when it comes to unfounded rumors.
Moms Helping Moms: Social Media Parenting Groups Gaining PopularityDr. Stephanie Strozuk said being part of an online community of moms has helped her stay connected.
Experts: Selfie Obsessed Millennials Increasingly Opt For Plastic SurgeryPosting selfies on social networking sites is one way to document what you do, but is it also a barometer of who you are?
Keidel: Hey You, Internet Tough Guy, You're A Real Man Poking Fun At SabathiaBoomer Esiason said it best this morning. We have an insatiable desire to see others fail, especially someone making over $20 million a year to throw a baseball.
How To Start Your Own Travel BlogFive helpful tips to help you get started on creating your own travel blog
Pope Francis Takes Over Social Media With #BestPopeEverThe pontiff has tens of millions of followers on Twitter. So many like him, they even started #BestPopeEver in his honor.
Instagram Removes Searchable #EDM Hashtag"#EDM was being used to share content that violates our guidelines around nudity.”
Keidel: As Evidenced By Costas Saga, Social Media Has Set Social Graces Back YearsJerry Seinfeld, one of the more muted comedians when it comes to politics, made some candid and compelling observations recently. It wasn't red or blue state stuff, but more red, white, and blue content.
Jets Head Coach Todd Bowles Urges Players To Be Smart On Social MediaHashtag: Think before you post something on social media. That's the message New York Jets coach Todd Bowles has given his players about using forums such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
Seen At 11: Can Social Media Be A Source Of Digital Anxiety?For many, it's a fear of missing out or "FOMO" and it's causing digital anxiety.
Expert: Info Shared On Social Media Could Lead To Identity TheftLevin said to be especially careful about sharing children's information because no one is checking their credit.
James Corden's 'Late Late Show' Social Media Pitch Speaks On Digital AgeCorden’s seemingly never-ending list of social media accounts to follow him on is both a hilarious joke and a commentary on the digital age humans live in now
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