Somers' Monologue: Everybody Untuck! Yankees Get It Done In MotownYankees closer Rafael Soriano wasn't ready to go full-frontal Tebow, but he was able to undress Detroit in the ninth inning Thursday.
Somers' Monologue: For Mets, A Great Day By The BayTalk about a different team than just a week ago. Now bring on those Padres.
Somers' Monologue: Steve Returns From Vacation, Schmoozes The Week That WasIn the week that isn't anymore, we saw the Olympics open with Team USA wearing uniforms made in China and the Yankees picking up an outfielder made in Japan.
Somers' Monologue: Dancin' The Knucklebug With R.A. DickeyWatch the ball start to dance, it's high and then it's low. Grab your bat and start to go! Let's do the knucklebug!
Somers' Monologue: Mets' Bumbling Bullpen Blows It -- Again!If you're a radio yakker like Steve Somers, your job description reads: "You'd better come up with something to say." But Steve was at a loss for words Tuesday night.
Somers' Monologue: Jeremy Lin, From Knicks' Shooting Star To Rocket Booster?No, he did not live in Lin-denhurst. And no, he did not commute through the Lin-coln Tunnel. But Jeremy Lin did produce as many puns as turnovers.
Somers' Monologue: Say It Ain't So, Joe -- And The Freeh Report Says He DidAt not-so-Happy Valley, there's plenty of shame, soil and stain to go around. Legacies, legends and reputations ruined. Innocence forever gone.
Somers' Monologue: Comeback Kid Mets Give Us A Game To RememberYou're going to remember this 6-5 win over Philadelphia as a game with serious October-esque intensity. A July 5 game with fireworks more suitable for July 4th.
Somers' Monologue: Steve Nash Goes Hollywood!Los Angeles had a little something extra to celebrate on the Fourth of July. As for the Knicks, their fireworks turned out to be just a bunch of duds.
Somers' Monologue: Against Mets, 'Chickens' Rule The RoostWell, on Saturday and Sunday, Terry Collins was more like Tom Collins. On the rocks.
Somers' Monologue: Dickey Don't Lose That Knuckler! Mets vs. Yankees. Sunday night. R.A. Dickey vs. CC Sabathia. Oh boy, what a matchup.
Somers' Monologue: R.A. (Really Awesome) Dickey Simply Amazin'OK, it wasn't just a great game. It was a one-hit wonder, which really could have gone down as another Mets no-no.

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