South Jersey Transportation Authority

Sign at Atlantic City International Airport (credit: South Jersey Transportation Authority)

Port Authority To Run Atlantic City International Airport

The South Jersey Transportation Authority on Wednesday approved the $500,000 a year payment under the 15-year agreement, which takes effect on July 1.


E-ZPass lane (file/credit: CBS 2)

NJ Lawmakers Vote To Have Cost Of Toll Appear On E-ZPass Display

Currently, the display system shows drivers that the toll has been paid but not how much has been deducted from their account.


Toll Plaza/File Photo (William Thomas Cain/Getty Images)

Atlantic City Expressway Votes To Privatize Toll Collection

Gov. Chris Christie’s office must review Tuesday’s vote by the South Jersey Transportation Authority to hire a Virginia company to privatize the operation.


E-ZPass - File / Photo: E-ZPass/Getty Images

New Jersey Port Authority E-ZPass Would Lose Discount Under Turnpike Authority Plan

A plan to raise more money for the New Jersey Turnpike Authority by ending a discount for out-of-staters will actually hurt some New Jerseyans.


E-ZPass - File / Photo: E-ZPass/Getty Images

NJ To Crackdown On Toll Cheats, Some E-ZPass Discounts Going Away

The Turnpike Authority wants to eliminate the off-peak E-ZPass discount for cars whose accounts are outside the New Jersey E-ZPass system.


Generic Plane File Photo (credit: Getty images)

AC Airport Saw Record Traffic Numbers In ’10

More than 1.4 million passengers flew in or out of the airport last year, an 8 percent increase over the previous high set in 2007. It’s a 31 percent increase in scheduled service over 2009.


Atlantic City skyline, New Jersey (Photo Credit: AP)

AP: NJ Lawmaker Has Vision For AC Airport

When it comes to Atlantic City and its airport, one Southern New Jersey lawmaker is thinking big.