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Sree Tips: Apps For Managing Your Busy Life

If you have a busy life, you don’t want to miss this.


Ridgewood High School (credit: Eileen Lehpamer/1010 WINS)

NJ High School Students Could Face Child Porn Charges For Sharing Nude Photos

A sexting scandal at a New Jersey high school has officials warning students that they could face criminal charges.


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Sree Tips: Big Changes For Facebook

Death, taxes, and Facebook making changes – those are the only certain things in the world.


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Sree Tips: Apps To Motivate You For Spring

With Daylight Saving Time starting on Sunday, don’t forget you’ll have to set your clocks forward! It’s also the perfect time to try some apps that will get you motivated for the excitement – and possibilities – of spring!


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Sree Tips: Junk Mail Prevention Apps

They say there’s an app for everything, but you may not have expected an app for this… using your smartphone to reduce the amount of printed junk mail you get!


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Sree Tips: Self-Destructing Apps

One of the biggest ideas in mobile apps these days is the self-destructing message – photos and text that disappear instead of living forever.


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Sree Tips: Valentine’s Day Apps

With Valentine’s Day tomorrow, Sree Sreenivasan, tech expert from our partner network CNET and Columbia University’s chief digital officer, stopped by with some apps that will get your ready for the big day.


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Sree Tips: Favorite Apps in the CBS2 Newsroom

From Google Maps to Angry Birds and Instagram, there are a ton of apps out there, many you may not have heard of.


H&R Block At Home 1040EZ App

Sree Tips: Tax Prep Apps

April 15 will be here before you know it, and there are lots of websites and software to get you ready, but you may not have thought of smartphone apps for doing your taxes.


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Sree Tips: Best NYC Apps

There are hundreds of thousands of apps for your smartphone, but there are some that seem just right for New York.


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Sree Tips: Online Video Tutorials

They’re a great way to learn a new skills or re-master an old one.


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Sree Tips: Electronic Gift Certificates

Less than a week before Christmas, one gift many of us could get this season is an e-mail gift certificate. But there are some important things you need to know first.


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Sree Tips: Favorite Apps From Viewers

With millions of apps to choose from, it’s hard to keep up with ones worth trying.

12/05/2012's Cyber Monday Website (credit: CBS 2)

Experts Estimate $1.5 Billion In Sales On Cyber Monday

Americans clicked away for deals on Cyber Monday, which is expected to be the biggest online shopping day in history.


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Sree Tips: Best Apps For Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday now starts on Thursday night. So, it can be even more confusing as to where and how to get the best deals. Smartphones and some new-fangled apps can help.