Gov. Christie A Little 'Preoccupied' At Paterson Judge Swearing In CeremonyThe frenzy over a possible Chris Christie presidential run has reached a fever pitch, but there is still no word from the new hamlet on the Hudson. There’s been a lot of flirting but no official “I’m in” or “I'm out.”
Democratic Statehouse Games Are DangerousOne wonders when the silly games and finger pointing will end down at the Statehouse.
On Politics: A $400 Million Screw Up…Now What? Obviously, losing $400 million of federal funding in the education “Race to the Top” grant process was a major screw up that New Jersey just can’t afford.
On Politics: Corzine/Katz E-Mails - He Should Have KnownThe “forbidden” e-mails between former NJ Gov. Jon Corzine and his ex-girlfriend, powerful union leader Carla Katz, provide a great case study on how NOT to handle such a complex issue.

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