DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Nicole At Frank Sinatra’s Birthplace"My car is my proudest asset." - Nicole and her Volkswagen Jetta
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Gina At Prospect Park With Shakespeare The Husky"Shakes loves the sunroof!" - Gina and her Dodge Caliber
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Anthony At Parish Of St. Agnes Cathedral“I can fit a lot of junk in my trunk.” - Anthony and his Subaru Impreza 2.5i
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Sawyer At Princess Bay On Staten Island“You can’t overstate how convenient it is to have all that space.” - Sawyer and his Honda Pilot EX
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Geoff At Veterans’ Memorial Park“My kids, Nicholas and Olivia, love riding in it with the top down!” - Geoff and his Saab 900 SE Convertible
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Viera At The Staten Island Mall“I feel like I am in first class when I sit in my car.” - Viera and her Hyundai Azera

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