Super Bowl XXIII

Boomer & Carton: Did Marv Albert Grill Boomer After Super Bowl XXIII? YES!While discussing the uncomfortable Christin Cooper-Bode Miller interview that is currently making the rounds, Boomer was reminded of his one-on-one with Marv.
Boomer & Carton: 25 Years Ago Today...I think it's safe to assume that Boomer wasn't thrilled with the manner in which Craig got the ball rolling today, but he is a professional and really had no choice but to deal with it.
B&C Morning Show: Boomer Reflects On His Super Bowl XXIII ExperienceDuring a vulnerable moment, Boomer revealed that it took him about 15 years to watch the tape of his Bengals' 20-16 loss to the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XXIII.
B&C Morning Show: Super Bowl XXIII Winner Joe Montana Visits Boomer & CartonBoomer & Craig were delighted to welcome Joe Montana into the Allstate Studio this morning. Well, at least Craig was delighted. And I'll say the Booms sure acted as if he was.