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Vitamin Supplements

Study Says Vitamin Supplements May Not Be A Good Idea

Vitamins and other dietary supplements are a $30 billion per year industry, and half of all Americans take them. But could you be wasting your money, or even hurting yourself?


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Anti-Aging Remedies: Cocoa, Red Wine, Green Tea & More

Dr. Steven Lamm, internist and faculty member at New York University School of Medicine, walks us through some of the best, simple, natural things you can do on your journey to better health and longevity.



Natural Supplements Can Help Treat Migraine Headaches

For nearly 10 percent of the population, painful migraines are a fact of life. But for those migraine sufferers who do not want to take daily prescription medication, natural herbal supplements may help prevent headache pain, TV 10-55’s Katie McGee explained.


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HealthWatch: Vitamins & Herbal Supplements

If you take a vitamin or herbal supplement, you’re definitely not alone. A new report from the Centers for Disease Control said more than half of all Americans are taking supplements, Dr. Max Gomez reports.


Osteoporosis & Supplements – July 14

Did you see Dr. Holly Phillips’ report on osteoporosis and supplements during CBS 2 HD News at 11 p.m.? For more information use the following resources: Dr. Paula J. Rackoff Dr. Marcus Laux Mayo Clinic

CBS New York–07/31/2010