Teen Driving

(Credit: CBS 2)

Tips On Buying The Safest Cars For Teens

83 percent of parents who purchased vehicles for their teens bought used cars, but as CBS 2’s Dick Brennan reported, not all used cars are equal.


Red sticker on NJ license plate (file/credit: CBS 2)

Study: New N.J. Teen Driving Rules Succeeding In Protecting Drivers

There is good news about New Jersey’s latest efforts to keep its young drivers safe on the roads.


Drivers in New Jersey under 21 with a provisional license must place a red decal seen here at the top left corner of their license plates under the new "Kyleigh's Law." (Credit: CBS 2)

N.J. Passes Bill Requiring Teen Drivers Log Additional Year With Learner’s Permit

Teen drivers could soon face tougher requirements in the Garden State. The state Legislature has passed a new bill that would require young drivers to log more hours on the road.


Mockup of new verified Connecticut driver's license (credit: CT DMV)

Connecticut Teens Waiting For Driver’s Licenses

Connecticut’s tough teen driving laws are keeping many teens from getting behind the wheel.


Connecticut DMV Using National Teen Driver Safety Week To Keep Teens Safe

In Connecticut, an all-out effort is under way to boost the communication bond between parent and teenager as the 16 or 17-year-old prepares for his or her driver’s license.


Teen Drivers - File / Photo: Marco Di Lauro/Getty Images

Teen Driving Gets Safer In Connecticut

In Connecticut, new restrictions on 16 and 17-year-olds getting their licenses have really paid off.