A baby reaches for an electric toothbrush. (credit: Getty Images)

American Dental Association: Brush With Fluoride Toothpaste Before Age 2

New guidelines from the American Dental Association say children should begin using toothpaste with fluoride as soon as they get their first tooth.


Dr. Fred Stange (credit: WLNY)

Maternity Monday: Dental Care During Pregnancy

Among the topics discussed: x-rays, frequency of dental exams, and the connection between toothpaste and morning sickness.


Dr. Mark Wolff On The Couch

Tips To Prevent Acid Erosion And Keep Your Smile Bright

Dr. Mark Wolff from NYU’s College of Dentistry joined “The Couch” to show us how acid erosion happens and what you can do to prevent it.



Smile Destroyers: Drinks That Damage Your Teeth

Watch what you’re sipping. Some of the most popular drinks on store shelves today may be seriously damaging your teeth.


(credit: CBS 2)

Dentists Warn About What Can Hurt Your Teeth This Time Of Year

Everything from the type of water you swim in to the shade of lipstick you wear can ruin your pearly whites this time of year.


Richard Kiel protrays the James Bond character "Jaws" - Photo via JamesBondMM.co.uk

Jaws Of Crime Take Bite In Westchester County

The crime blotter in Westchester reads like something out of a James Bond movie.