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text message

Texting (credit: Clipart)

Seen At 11: Telling Tough Truths May Be Easier Via Text

If you want a truthful answer from someone you may want to ask the question via text message.


Generic Police File Photo (credit: CBS 2)

Alleged N.J. Drug Dealer Busted After Mistakenly Sending Text To Cop

A New Jersey man allegedly sent a text message to a police detective by mistake as he tried to set up a drug sale.


Students cross the street at Somerville Elementary School. (credit: CBS 2)

N.J. Elementary Students Get Threatening Chain Letter-Style Text

The principal of Somerville Elementary School described the text as being “not sexual”…but “quite graphic” and “violent.”


Linda and David Kubert (credit: CBS 2)

Morris County Judge: Text Sender Not Liable For Wreck

A New Jersey woman who sent a text message to her boyfriend cannot be held liable for a car crash he caused while responding to the message.