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Texting 911 (credit: CBS 2)

911 Text Technology Coming By Year’s End Under Federal Statute

The text 911 technology rolled out Thursday in several upstate New York counties and will soon arrive closer to home.


Texting (credit: Clipart)

Seen At 11: Telling Tough Truths May Be Easier Via Text

If you want a truthful answer from someone you may want to ask the question via text message.


Generic Police File Photo (credit: CBS 2)

Alleged N.J. Drug Dealer Busted After Mistakenly Sending Text To Cop

A New Jersey man allegedly sent a text message to a police detective by mistake as he tried to set up a drug sale.


Students cross the street at Somerville Elementary School. (credit: CBS 2)

N.J. Elementary Students Get Threatening Chain Letter-Style Text

The principal of Somerville Elementary School described the text as being “not sexual”…but “quite graphic” and “violent.”


Linda and David Kubert (credit: CBS 2)

Morris County Judge: Text Sender Not Liable For Wreck

A New Jersey woman who sent a text message to her boyfriend cannot be held liable for a car crash he caused while responding to the message.