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When To Text, When To Have Sex And More Tips For Landing Mr. Right

Too many women go looking for love in all the wrong places, in all the wrongs ways, with all the wrong guys. Or so says professional matchmaker Amy Laurent. She’s the star of the reality hit “Miss Advised” on Bravo, and she’s also the author of the brand new book “8 Weeks To Everlasting.”


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NY Issues More Than 20,000 Tickets For Texting At The Wheel In First Year Of Distracted Driving Crackdown

Authorities in New York report issuing more than 20,000 tickets to motorists in the first year under a tougher law against using handheld electronics while driving.


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New Jersey Senate Approves Tougher Penalties For Talking, Texting While Driving

The state Senate approved the measure on a 38-0 vote Monday afternoon.


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N.J. Senate Panel Approves Tougher Cellphone Driving Law

Drivers caught talking or texting on their cellphones in New Jersey may soon face increased fines and license suspensions under a measure approved by a Senate panel Monday.


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N.J. Couple Blames Both Text Sender And Receiver In Distracted Driving Lawsuit

A New Jersey couple has filed a lawsuit against a young man and his girlfriend who they said were texting each other when the young man crashed his truck into their motorcycle.


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New Survey Has Encouraging News About Teens And Distracted Driving

Consumer Reports surveyed 20,000 drivers under 21-years old and 29 percent admitted to driving and texting, but they said they’re less likely to do it if someone else is in the car.


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Meriden Police: Mistaken Text To Officer Leads Cops To Drug Deal

Meriden police says that in the middle of the afternoon on Jan. 20, a police officer got a text from an unknown number. The text indicated the sender was looking to sell Percocet pills, police say.


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L.I. Expert Sounds Warning About Walking And Texting

Do you think you can do it – walk in a straight line while texting? A group of 20-year-olds participating in a study at Stony Brook University thought they could.


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NJ Bus Company To Suspend Driver For Allegedly Texting At The Wheel

Other bus drivers say the company warns them about using cell phones.


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New York State Thruway Cops Cracking Down On Drivers Using Cell Phones

Operation Hang Up, which resulted in a thousand tickets during last year’s blitz, is back.


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Police In Manhattan Warn Pedestrians To Remain Alert When Walking & Talking On Cell Phones

Authorities are passing out flyers to local businesses, reminding people that when they use a cell phone on the street, they make themselves a prime target.


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Governor Cuomo Wants Harsher Penalties For Texting And Driving

Cuomo’s proposal would make texting, tweeting and gaming at the wheel a primary offense. That means drivers would face 3 points on their license and up to a $150 fine.


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Suffolk County Targets Unsafe Drivers

They’ve already handed out more than 2,000 tickets for things like illegal turns, disobeying traffic signs, weaving in traffic, and talking on cell phones from behind the wheel.


NY Senators Push To Toughen Texting-At-Wheel Law

The state’s Senate Republicans promised Tuesday to pass legislation that would allow police to stop and ticket motorists for texting while driving.


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NYPD Cracks Down On Drivers Using Cell Phones

The Department said “the use of a hand-held cell phone while driving a vehicle is illegal. In addition, driving while texting or talking on a cell phone is dangerous and endangers both drivers and pedestrians.”