Sources: Grand Jury Expected To Consider Harvey Weinstein Allegations Next WeekAn explosive new report claims movie mogul Harvey Weinstein used a so-called "army of spies" to block the reporting of sexual misconduct allegations against him. 
Memoir Meets Grammar Guide In Copy Editor's New BookIn the book, Norris explains the "who"/"whom" conundrum, the "that" vs. "which" dilemma, where to put the apostrophe in the plural possessive and, of course, why it is correct to stay "between you and me."
Cuomo: I'm As Responsible For Silver As Obama Is For WeinerIn a profile in The New Yorker published online Monday, the governor says the corruption charges against Silver relate to the acts of an individual legislator.
Peter Lanza, Father Of Sandy Hook Shooter Adam, Wishes Son Was Never BornIn his most extensive comments, the father of Newtown gunman Adam Lanza said what his son did couldn't "get any more evil'' and he now wishes his son had never been born.
Keidel: Right Said FredAssuming you don’t get the obscure pop culture reference in the title, Fred Wilpon is more than too sexy for the Mets; he’s too tired, too jaded, and too fated for failure.
Carlos Beltran's Agent: Fred Wilpon Criticism Should Have Stayed 'In-House'The Mets are handling Fred Wilpon's critical comments about his top players "internally." Scott Boras has a different approach.
Mets: Fred Wilpon's Rips On Wright, Reyes, Beltran Being Handled InternallyJose Reyes isn't worth all the money he wants. Carlos Beltran is no longer a top-tier player. David Wright isn't a superstar. As Fred Wilpon's comments continue to be the hot topic, the Mets said in a statement: "We are handling the matter internally."
Mets' Fred Wilpon Criticizes Reyes, Wright And Beltran In New Yorker ProfileMets fans might find themselves stunned after reading Jeffrey Toobin's epic profile of Fred Wilpon in the latest issue of The New Yorker. At times Wilpon sounds more like a jilted fan than the owner of New York's National League franchise.
B&C Morning Show: The New Yorker's Jeffrey Toobin On Interviewing Fred WilponJeffrey Toobin authored the article in the latest edition of the The New Yorker -- a piece that is almost certain to rock the Mets' already fragile existence.
B&C Morning Show: Fred Wilpon Sounds Off On Mets' CoreFred Wilpon, Mets chairman and chief executive, recently sat down with Jeffrey Toobin of the The New Yorker for a little chat -- and it's safe to say that Wilpon has not lost any passion for his team.
Bloomberg Loves Bloomberg On 'New Yorker' Cover Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? According to New Yorker Magazine it’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

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