Dr. Max Gomez: Helping Depressed Patients Get Some Sleep

A major development that could make a difference for many people fighting depression is completely drug free.


Craigslist Ecstasy - Photo via CBS 2

Seen At 11: Treating Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder With Ecstasy

What if a club drug, known for giving users a feeling of euphoria and trust, could do more than give users an illegal high?



Study: New Video Game May Help Teens Overcome Depression

Sparx, a video game engineered in New Zealand, was developed to help young adults fight depression.


(credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Seen At 11: Breath Of Relief

Doctors say learning to breathe in a more relaxed way so we take in more oxygen can help a surprising number of serious medical conditions.


A surfer walks to shore on Rockaway Beach

Surf Lessons Open New Vistas For Disabled Kids

Learning to surf is a rite of passage for teens in seaside communities around the world. But in recent years in communities from Long Beach, N.Y., to San Diego and Hawaii, children with disabilities ranging from near-blindness to autism have been joining the fun, amazing their parents, their counselors and themselves by hopping up on surfboards and riding the waves.