Times Square Bomb Plot

Faisal Shahzad

Friday Marks Five Years Since Attempted Times Square Bomb Plot

Duane Johnson, a street vendor, saw smoke coming from the back of an SUV at 45th Street and Broadway and called police.


Nails and ball bearings are common components of pressure cooker bombs, experts say. (Photo: CBS 2)

Expert: Household Items Prevalent In Many Pressure Cooker Bombs

The foiled Times Square bombing attempt in 2010, the terror plot at Fort Hood and Monday’s attack in Boston, in each the terrorist used a pressure cooker to conceal the bomb.


Aftab Ali Khan (credit: AP Photo/Barbara Lacerra, File)

Man Held In Times Square Car Bomb Probe Deported To Pakistan

Federal immigration officials say a Pakistani man arrested in Massachusetts during the investigation into last year’s failed New York Times Square car bombing has been deported to Pakistan.


Aftab Ali Khan (credit: AP Photo/Barbara Lacerra, File)

Man Arrested In Times Square Car Bomb Investigation Seeks Deportation

Aftab Ali Khan would plead guilty to lying to investigators. According to a published report, he’d be sentenced to time served, and be deported to Pakistan.


Faisal Shahzad - AP Photo/Orkut.com

Man Questioned In Times Sq. Probe To Stay In Jail

Aftab Ali Khan of Watertown was scheduled to appear in court Thursday, after two initial hearings were delayed to give his attorney more time to prepare.


Faisal Shahzad - AP Photo/Orkut.com

Man Questioned After Failed NY Attack Due In Court

A detention hearing was scheduled in Boston on Friday for Aftab Ali Khan, who is charged with immigration fraud and lying to investigators. He is not accused of knowing about or trying to participate in the botched attack.


Faisal Shahzad - AP Photo/Orkut.com

Times Sq Bomber Gets Life, Warns Of New Attacks

“I have been trying to join my brothers ever since 9/11 happened. I am planning to wage an attack inside America,” Faisal Shahzad said Tuesday.

CBS New York–10/05/2010


Pakistan Holds Gov’t Worker In NYC Bomb Plot

A man has been detained for allegedly playing an important role in the failed terror attack attempt.