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Patriots' Replacements Don't Miss A Beat In Win Over Rex, BillsJames White filled in for Dion Lewis. Danny Amendola replaced Julian Edelman. Tom Brady was just his usual self.
Who Is To Blame In Giants' Close Loss To Patriots?All close games in the NFL have pivot points, plays or lack thereof, that seal a team's fate. The Giants have tempted fate several times this season, and they seemingly have come out a loser each time.
Big Blue's Black EyeThe Giants went nose to nose with the Patriots, the NFL's best team. They could've and should've won, but they didn't.
Palladino: Giants Must Play Game Of The Year To Beat Pats On SundayIf they make it ugly enough on defense, and pretty enough on offense, they might just have a chance. It’s not impossible. They just need to play the game of the year.
For Tom Brady, Facing The Giants Could Bring Back Bad MemoriesHere's the closest Tom Brady will come to admitting that two Super Bowl losses to the New York Giants still bother him: "I'd much rather have won them than lost them."
Owners Of NFL's Worst Defense, Giants Next Have To Deal With BradyIt's the well-oiled offensive machine against a banged-up defense that is ranked 32nd overall.
FanDuel Weekly Roundup: Who To Play, Who To Pass For NFL Week 10In Week 9, there was no shortage of points scored as the league's biggest names made a big impact on the field. With Week 10 looming, touchdowns are to be scored and fantasy rosters are to be set.
Undefeated Patriots To Test Giants' MettleDoes that headline sound familiar? Even though Super Bowl XLII took place almost a decade ago, the remnants are still vivid the minds of many fans of the New York Giants.
TNF Fantasy Starters: Dolphins Vs. Patriots - Who To Play, Who To PassThe revived Miami Dolphins look to take down the perennial AFC East power New England Patriots on Thursday Night Football.
NFL Attorneys: Judge's Ruling To Toss Brady's 'Deflategate' Suspension Was 'Unfathomable'NFL lawyers told a federal appeals court in Manhattan on Monday that it was “unfathomable” that a judge could decide to lift New England quarterback Tom Brady's four-game suspension in the “Deflategate” controversy.
Lichtenstein: Jets Are A Better Team, But Still Have No Answer For BradyTom Brady has beaten the Jets eight times in the last nine meetings and very often the outcomes have come down to the same determining factor -- the Jets' defense doesn't make the one big play late.
Silverman: Matchups -- Not Emotions -- Should Help Jets Against PatriotsAny time your previous head coach was as bombastic and outspoken as Rex Ryan, it’s easy to make comparisons with the current leader and come to definitive conclusions.
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